Baby MR

In 2004, Baby MR was born at 31 weeks and remained in hospital for a further 4 weeks. From the very first day his mother, a medical doctor, expressed milk every 3 hours, day and night, to ensure she built up a good supply. Baby MR’s mum was able to nourish him with her own […]

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Baby M

During a major strike by nurses at a Durban hospital, Baby M was amongst a group of four babies who had been abandoned in the hospital’s paediatric ward. Two doctors who were completing their internships at the hospital, with the help of volunteers, brought the babies to the iThemba Lethu Transition Home to be taken […]

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Baby P

In 2006, Baby P was born in George, one of South Africa’s southern most towns. He was delivered by Caesarian section at 28 weeks and weighed only 1kg. His mother had had breast surgery and was unable to provide him with breastmilk. The Sister at the Neonatal Unit recruited 2 mothers in George to express […]

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Baby A

Baby A was brought to the iThemba Lethu home at the age of 7 months, weighing only 2.7kg. He was born prematurely, weighed only 1.5kg at birth and was abandoned at the hospital. In 7 months of being fed formula he had only gained 1200g. When he arrived at iThemba Lethu he was fed breastmilk […]

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