Celebrating Breastfeeding

Women Around The World Celebrate Breastfeeding

Research shows that breastfeeding lowers death rates among children, helps to protect them from infection and promotes intellectual development. As world breastfeeding week begins, women from Ivory Coast to Myanmar share their pictures and experiences Click to continue reading

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Museum Apologises To Breastfeeding Mother

London V&A Museum Apologises To Breastfeeding Mother

In a post on Twitter, the woman said she was “perplexed” by the request and posted several images of naked female statues from the museum’s exhibitions. She went on to say she had a lovely day at the V&A “exploring depictions of breasts through the ages”. Its director Tristram Hunt said women may breastfeed “wherever […]

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The Global Launch of The Lancet Breastfeeding Series

The Lancet Breastfeeding Series is the first of its kind to evaluate global breastfeeding levels, trends and inequalities, in addition to the short- and long-term consequences for both mother and child, regardless of where they live or their income. The Series underscores the importance of policy interventions to increase and sustain breastfeeding levels. This interactive […]

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isiZulu TV PSA encouraging husbands & partners to support the mother of their children in breastfeeding. It was produced by Mixed Media for HMBASA and PATH for the MBFI+ Project. Special thanks to the Fredlund Family for their appearance. Yes, it really is Ben talking. He grew up in rural Zululand. Credits: Director – Patrick […]

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