Baby’s In Da House! Boom!

A hilarious new comedy all about young parents, Gogos, Nurses & Nonsense!

This hilarious, punchy cycle of comic microplays explores some of the dilemmas and choices with which new parents are presented.

The main characters are two couples, one that’s already had their baby, another still expecting theirs. One couple is married and successful in their careers. The other is a pair of less fortunate students who are overwhelmed with the shock of their world being turned upside down by the prospect of their new arrival. We share in their joys and challenges as they negotiate an unplanned pregnancy; maternity leave; gogo’s opinions on politicians and feeding baby; brilliant and not so great clinic personnel; and even what we can learn from kangaroos.

Ultimately, while it doesn’t pull any punches, it’s a feel-good story about how society can be better off when mums, dads and their babies have the love, support and encouragement of family, friends and community.

Join us for this new comedy that is part of the MBFI+ Project to protect, promote & support breastfeeding This pilot performance is in partnership with the DUT Drama Dept

The Courtyard Theatre
26 FEB 7 PM “Dress rehearsal”
27 FRIDAY FEB 7 PM “Opening”
Entrance Free!

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