HMBASA’s Mission Statement:

  1. Co-ordinate a national network of centres around South Africa, which collect and process human milk and simultaneously protect, promote and support breastfeeding.
  2. Provide regular updated guidelines and monitor standards of practice of existing milk banks.


  1. The provision of information and advice in all areas of human milk banking including best practice guidance.
  2. The regular development, maintenance and updating of guidelines in accordance with any new research and clinical evidence.
  3. The assistance as necessary with guidance in setting up new banks (note each bank to provide own funding and own committee and will operate autonomously).
  4. The maintenance of a database of all banks.
  5. The raising of funds to pay salary for a national coordinator and other running expenses.
  6. Organizing annual visits to each bank to evaluate practice and provide feedback.
  7. Promotion, protection and support of breast feeding

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